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Improve the efficiency of your commercial drone operations whilst also reducing risks, with a platform built by drone operators for drone operators.

Glencore drones

Across 34 sites and 300 pilots, FlyFreely has become the cornerstone of our RPAS Management system. I no longer must maintain plethora of paper & spreadsheets. I have a single source of information, and an excellent partner to work with.

Andrew Sutherland, Chief Remote Pilot
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"FlyFreely’s biggest drawcard was that they can use the field app offline, and have it automatically sync when connectivity is
restored. This eliminates the need for double-handling information, a significant problem with competing products."

Marcin Bal, Chief Remote Pilot
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“It has improved the accountability within our
team out of sight. They know that if they’re going to fly a drone at Seymour Whyte, they’re going to follow the reporting requirements to ensure our operations are as safe and efficient as possible.”

Tom Williams, Chief Remote Pilot
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“FlyFreely helps us plan for a job and while our
team is on site. What was once a convoluted and time-consuming process is now straight-forward because everyone knows what they need to do.”

Josh Williams, Director of Aviation
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“Having the ability to export all the data I
need, without having to worry about my legal
obligations, is great. FlyFreely has saved us 1 hour of work a day - o12% of our daily operating time"

Ruapu Maka, Chief Remote Pilot
Our Focus

Drone Operations, Compliance
and Fleet Management

Operations and Compliance
Operations and Compliance Automation

Spend less time on paperwork
and more time flying

Plan, execute and reconcile fully compliant operations in record time with these key features:

  • Single page mission planning form with all data in one place
  • Regulation driven workflows that automatically introduce required forms and checklists
  • Dedicated mobile app with automatically populated workflow that shows required checklists
  • Automatically capture and upload flight logs
  • Automatic flight log analysis
  • Automatic updating of pilot, craft and equipment flight times
Operational and Fleet Oversight
Operational and Fleet Oversight

Grow your operations with confidence

FlyFreely will help you manage your people, reduce your risk, and minimise the time you spend on planning and operations.

  • Workflows, to ensure everybody follows the correct processes
  • Registers, to control who and what can fly
  • Full maintenance system, to ensure all fleet and equipment is airworthy
Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable

Adapt to the way you work

Being former commercial drone operators, we understand every company, site and country has their own unique way of operating.

Utilise out of the box forms, workflows and registers to get you and your team up and running in record time.
Already have a workflow? Flyfreely can be tailored to match your existing processes and procedures so you don't need to rewrite your manuals.

  • Form and Checklist Builder (with over 10 different controls)
  • Workflow Builder (with 7 unique stages)
  • Register Builder (with configurable conditions)

The FlyFreely platform is the most customisable and configurable drone management software available today.

The FlyFreely Platform

A platform that works for the whole team

No matter if you are the Chief Remote Pilot in the office, a Remote Pilot in the field or an IT professional, the FlyFreely Platform will support the various needs of your team.

office app
Office App

Browser / Web based application, primarily used to plan, approve and reconcile missions, conduct all admin activities. Intended to be used in the Office.

field app
Field App

Mobile application (Android or iOS) that is used to execute mission in the field. Complete forms and checklists, capture flight logs, record everything that occured in the field. Works offline for full flexibility.


The fully featured FlyFreely API enables connections between your existing Enterprise systems to build coherent end-to-end solutions that can scale globally.

Risk Free Deployment

No matter if you moving from a paper-based system, an existing electronic system or no system at all, our comprehensive deployment process eliminates the risk associated with adopting a new compliance platform.

We can help you build a deployment plan that suits your organisation. Start by continuing to use paper forms and move towards electronic forms in stages, or go fully electronic from Day One. The Flyfreely platform can be deployed flexibly to help you eliminate the usual risks associated with deploying a new system in your business.

Download our Deployment Guide
Risk Free Deployment
Gain An Advantage

All the power, control
and customisation you need

All in One Planning
All-in-One Planning

The FlyFreely platform brings together all the information you need to plan missions in one place. This includes airspace, aerodrome and NOTAM data. You will spend less time changing between apps and eliminate the need for multiple subscriptions.

Automated Flight Log Analysis
Automated Flight Log Analysis

Automatically upload flight logs and have them analysed by the system. You will be able to see key statistics such as battery status, maximum heights and distances to streamline oversight.

Consistent and Compliant
Consistent and Compliant

FlyFreely’s unique Workflow and Register systems ensure consistency across all operations. Registers ensure only qualified pilots and airworthy drones are used, while the workflow system ensures every pilot follows the right processes, every time.

Work Offline
Work Offline

Being former commercial operators, we know connectivity can be a challenge in the field. We built our Field App to handle offline operations, so you can do everything you need to on-site and just sync back up when you have connectivity.

Enable Growth
Enable Growth

Regardless whether you have 1 or 100 pilots, the FlyFreely platform can support your growth. Our Jurisdiction system supports operations across multiple countries, while our Authority system can support any complexity of operations such as BVLOS, above 400FT, above people, and many more specialised use cases.

Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment

The FlyFreely platform is designed to get you up and running out of the box. We maintain an extensive database of remotely piloted aircraft, battery and equipment specifications and manuals. Additionally, we have built predefined workflows, forms, checklists and reports so you can be operational today.

Key Benefits

Benefits that impact the bottom line

Improved Efficiency

Remote Pilots in the field can regularly experience up to a 50-70% increase in productivity using the FlyFreely platform, when compared to paper-based systems, while Chief Remote Pilots and managers can reduce their workload by as much as 50%.

reduce risks
Reduced Risks

Improve compliance to reduce the risk of accidents or fines. Improve operating standards to reduce risk of rework. Rest easier knowing that the FlyFreely platform is helping you managing these ongoing key challenges.

new opportunities
New Opportunities

With the FlyFreely platform in place you will find it easier to meet the regulatory requirements for more complex operations such as BVLOS and autonomous operation. This will enable you to embrace new opportunities and create additional value in your organisation.

Real Property Photography
Real Property Photography

FlyFreely has helped our business
to effectively manage all of our drone
operations and Franchisee Partners across Australia.

We are excited to use FlyFreely as we expand into NZ.

Nik Leigh, CEO
Drone IQ
Drone IQ

The FlyFreely platform is a one-stop shop for me where I can access airspace data, NOTAM's, conduct detailed mission planning and automatically capture flight logs.

Tye Cotter, Director

We chose FlyFreely to support our training and commercial operations. The team are knowledgeable, experienced and have made the transition to an online platform a seamless experience.

Rob Lednor, Operations Manager
In good company

Trusted Globally

Join the growing list of world class companies using the FlyFreely platform to increase the productivity of their drone operations while reducing their risk exposure and giving them the flexibility to adapt and grow in a changing market.

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