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Organisation Primary Authorities

When setting up an organisation in the Flyfreely platform you will need to define which flight rules you will be operating under. Primary Authorities determine which regulations (or rulesets as we call them), will be available. These provide the legal basis for operations. Some Primary Authorities will automatically be created, while others will require you to obtain a certificate or licence from the regulator.

Ruleset Primary Authority Full Name Primary Authority Short Name
Included RPA RPA Operators Certificate ReOC
Excluded RPA Excluded RPA Operations Ex-Cat
Model Aircraft Rules Model Aircraft Rules Recreational

Organisation Secondary authorities

Once you have completed onboarding, you will also be able to set Secondary Authorities for your organisation. Secondary Authorities can range from additional approvals to permissions and waivers from the regulator.

Organisation or site specific authorities can be created by the FlyFreely team to meet your requirements.

Secondary Authority Full Name Secondary Authority Short Name
Approval of Area for Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Area Approval
RPA Permission Permission
Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Beyond Visual Line of Sight -

Personal Authorities

Personal authorities are connected to an individual’s profile to record things like licenses, certificates, identifiers and inductions.

When setting up a personal profile you will be prompted to supply some of these details, if you have them.

Personal Authority Full Name Personal Authority Short Name
Aviation Reference Number ARN
RPA Operator Accreditation -
Remote Pilot Licence RePL
Aeronautical Radiotelephone Operators Certificate AROC
Approval - To Conduct AELP and GELP Assessments -
Instrument Rating Examination IREX

RPA Authorities

Authorities can also be applied to RPAs. RPA Authorities may include registration, airworthiness inspections and weight / balance checks. These authorities can be used as conditions on registers to prevent RPAs with expired authorities from operating.

RPA Authority Full Name RPA Authority Short Name
RPA Registration -

Map Data Layers

Various map data layers are included for this jurisdiction and are useful in the planning and approval process.


Aeronautical information publication (AIP) Designated Danger and Restricted areas, CTR boundaries, CTAF boundaries
RPAS Layers 3NM zones, approach and departure paths, grid cell definitions
Non-Aviation Layers National Parks, Marine Parks
Dynamic Data Layers Emergency services (QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, NT, SA and WA), Tempo PRD, CASA advisories