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Our Story

FlyFreely began in 2013 as a drone service provider in Australia. During our time as a commercial operator we had the privilege of being involved in many of the pioneering applications of drones including underground mining, marine operations, internal structure inspections, and many more.

We saw first-hand both the challenges and complexities associated with performing high quality commercial drone operations consistently. If the right drone, the right pilot, following the right process, were not used together, it would almost always end in rework. These problems not only constrained our growth, but constrained the growth of the whole drone industry.


In 2017 we began looking for a platform that could help solve this problem. While individual applications were available that managed different aspects of the process there was no all-in-one platform that dealt with all the challenges. Furthermore, there was nothing that could take into account the different regulatory, site and organisational requirements operators encounter in the real world.

Seeing this as both a challenge and opportunity, we began our journey to develop the FlyFreely Drone Management Platform from the ground up. The platform now helps commercial drone operators manage all aspects of operations, compliance and fleet management.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the commercial drone industry realise its full potential by eliminating the barriers associated with managing operations, compliance and fleet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a drone management platform that serves the needs of commercial drone operators so they can deliver consistent value, regardless of which country they operate in or how complex their operations are.


We’re experts of our domain

FlyFreely was born out of our experience and expertise gained operating commercial drone services and our deep understanding of the frustrations operators face.

Dr David Cole
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Dr Cole has 7 years experience in the drone industry along with being a certified mechanical engineer with over 12 years experience in mining, construction and agriculture.

Dr Nigel Sim
Co-Founder and
Chief Technology Officer

Nigel has over 15 years experience is software development and leading agile teams. He leads the development team and in his spare time he builds racing drones.

Ben Maclean
Chief Remote Pilot and
Customer Success Manager

Ben is a qualified commercial helicopter pilot and qualified RPAS pilot. He also has 6 years experience in software support so is well qualified to support our customers.

Carlos Hofmann
Business Development Manager and
Head of Partnerships

After 5 years as cabin crew on long haul flights Carlos made the switch to sales in aviation training and software. He now leads our business development and partnerships.

Keith Sweeney
Senior Experience Designer

Keith comes with over 15 years design experience working for major brands across Australia, USA and UK. He is focused on making the platform something our users love, not just use.


Backed by founder focused investors

We are proud to be supported by the following investor groups

RCL Accelerator
RCL Accelerator

FNQ Angels
FNQ Angels

ACAC Innovation
ACAC Innovation

Brisbane Angels
Brisbane Angels

Sydney Angels
Sydney Angels